Friday, September 10, 2004

Best Short Short Story by Me About Last Night

As the movie entered its third act, I realized that I was living my grade-school dream of what being "grown up" would be all about: I was out past 12 on a school night, watching Spider-Man fight Doctor Octopus ontop of a speeding train, eating bags and bags of candy, and there was nothing my parents could do about it.


Anonymous said...

i don't know if my glee at reading this post came from the clear picture you created or to know that the "this is what being grown up is all about" thoughts pass the minds of others. my dreams come true whenever i wear my red sequin dorothy shoes and drive fast with the radio up as loud as i want. bills and "responsibilities" aside, hooray for being all grownsed up.


Anonymous said...

Talking about the spiderman movie takes me back. No longer are the days of us running around in our under Roos pretending that we are are heroes such as spiderman, but seeing this influx of comic inspired movies makes me want to return to those simple days. It's amazing to think that a shirt with under wear could bring so much joy and happiness. Brig great blog-matt