Sunday, September 19, 2004

Best Walking Tour I've Ever Given

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The Legend, Emily Cox, was/is in New York for the weekend. I had the pleasure of showing her around the downtown parts of Manhattan on Thursday (Happy Rosh Hashana, by the way). But I didn't just show Emily (and Emily's ex-roommate, Jane, who showed up later) around--I took her on my "Secrets and Surprises of New York City Tour" that I invented for the occasion. We began at Peep, with its surprising bathrooms, then we checked out Walter DeMaria's Earth Room and the Broken Kilometer (I had never seen either of these installations before, their mind-blowingness begs their own post, which I hope to write, eventually), the Apple Store (the secret of the Apple Store: everyone checks their email there), the Prada store (it's a 1/2 secret, since there's no signage and it's a structure full of too many surprises to list), Nom de Guerre (the subterranean style complex hidden beneath the Swatch store), the surprising Alife 501 renovation on Orchard, and finished everything off at the Alife Rivington Club (the secret British Gentleman's club/sneaker emporium). Or, at least I thought we finished everythign off at the Rivington Club, because then Emily went and bought herself a ghetto-fabulous piece of bling at the above illustrated jewelry store (there's just nothing like trying to describe the ring you want through inches of bullet-proof glass) to finish the tour off properly.

If you didn't click the links for the Earth Room and Broken Kilometer, I'm telling you now to go back and click them.

After I sent Emily and Jane on their way back to the Upper West Side I ran into Uma Thurman (again) in the East Village and that night I saw Chris Parnell (from SNL) while waiting for a table at Cafe Habana. Won't these guys just leave me alone?

Also, uhm, nobody mention to Emily that I wasn't able to take her to the secret hamburger restaurant mentioned in the post immediately below this one . . . and Emily, please don't read the post immediately below this one.

Also also: this was a big weekend for rooftop parties. Or parties where you could've gone onto the roof, if you really wanted to.

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Anonymous said...

Ok. this is emily and I'm hear to say that this was the BEST walking tour I've ever been on. and that's saying a lot, I mean I was born in the UK where they INVENTED the walking tour AND i've travelled quite a bit.

I'm sorry for the lack of pix.. I"m having difficulty photographing the ring.. I mean, I never realized that getting a picture of bling w/o glare was nigh unto impossible.. but soon. soon.. and the dirt picture too.

i read the hamburger post. i'll get over it when I come to nyc next time and you take me there.