Thursday, September 16, 2004

Best Hidden Hamburger Stand

Say you're walking down 56th Street one day and say "Hmm, why don't I go into the lobby of the Le Parker Meridian hotel?" Well, this is what you'd see:

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Fancy and clean, right? But if you keep walking through the lobby and look to the left over between the front desk and that curtained area, you'd see this:

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A neon hamburger? What happens if you walk down the hall towards the hambuger?

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You wind up here, in New York City's best fake greasey spoon, "The Burger Joint" at the Le Parker Meridian, home of the best not-fake cheeseburger I've eaten for too long in this city. Oh! And the fries! As tasty as McDonalds', but grease pops out of them with every bite. And I mean that in the really good way. Man, New York, you're full of so much great secret hidden stuff!

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