Saturday, September 11, 2004

Best Return of the Pretty (for Real)

I finally figured out how to get pictures onto Steady Mobbin' with my Mac! Things are about to get all shiny and new looking in here! And what better way to get this new age started than with this photo here (yes, it's a thumbnail, and yes, it gets much bigger when you click it):

On Labor Day I celebrated, uhm, labor, by going down to the dumpling place on Eldridge and imagine my surprise when I saw that the place that used to be the definition of "hole in the wall" had shiny new counters, chairs, and a ceiling that didn't look like it was about to fall in. I was tempted to mull over the ramifications of this fixing-up until I started my meal, and since the dumplings and sesame beef pancakes were still too delicious, I figure they can do what they want with the decor, even if it means the "restaurant" will look clean and safe. And best of all? The price of the fixing-up wasn't passed on to the customer and I left very well fed for under $4. Awesome.

Addendum When you click on the thumbnail, it seems like the image will take forever to load--but if you hit the "stop" button on your browser, you'll magically get the whole image and not have to wait anymore.

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