Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Best Bedroom Wall Art

I was at Ajay's last night and, man, Brian (his artist roommate whom I fear might spell his name with a "y") has a real project going on on his walls. Before you complain that Max's face doesn't look right, you need to know that it's not supposed to be Max's face, but Ajay's . . . or maybe Adam's, it's sort of in dispute.

(Not Pictured: Warrior princess with battle axe.)
(Pictured: The top of Emily's Head)

Also Saw John Waters walking south on 6th Avenue as I was walking home from school yesterday. He was talking on his cell phone and I was left with the impression that, if I had turned around and followed him, I would have been lead to Selma Blair.

For the Record I woke up at 4:30 this morning. Just eyes open, ready for the day, wide awake an hour and a half before the sun even started to think about coming up. As my first class of the day is still three hours away and I'm working tonight, I'm sure today will be interesting . . . in the feeling like falling asleep at 6 way.

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