Thursday, September 02, 2004

Best Post Born of Pure Enthusiasm

Interpol will be playing two nights at the Hammerstein Ballroom in November! (11th and 12th, to be precise) With support from the Secret Machines? There is a word for this sort of concert: Incredible. Which is funny, because "incredible" is also the word I'd use to describe Interpol's new record, "Antics" (coming out September 28th)--I know, I know, I've talked about Antics before, but let me talk about it again: It's at least twice as good as I first thought it was. With good marketing and a smart public, this record could be huge--possible Radiohead/Coldplay crossover huge? Only in an imaginary world, but it deserves that sort of buzz. Trust me. Or trust limewire. Or trust Interpol's website ( which is previewing tracks.

Retraction Yesterday I went on and on about how awesome I expected the Vice Do's and Don'ts book to be. Now I have my copy, and you know what? I'm a little disappointed, I thought it would have more new Do's and Don'ts. Sure, all the old Do's and Don'ts are funny, but I've been cutting them out and saving them on my own for a really long time. As far as new thrills go, this book offers me none, but if you aren't already a Do's and Don'ts Fiend, you should like it plenty.

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Anonymous said...


I prefer "overrated," though both "overhyped" and "tired" might work on the right day.

Not a hater. Just a contrarian who enjoyed the first record but not the messianic hype that accompanied it.