Friday, June 29, 2012

Best Most Dangerous Piñata

Saturday night I was at a party on Gabe's roof that he threw with Jordan.  At the end of the party, there was a piñata.  But there was not a place to hang it.  So Jordan put the piñata line on himself and his life on the line.  (See what I tried to do there?)

Broom distribution.  (They used a broom for a bat)


It was a thrilling an nailbiting piñata session.  In the end, I wound up with a box of Nerds.


Side of Jeffrey said...

either that pinata didnt have much candy or you were surrounded by greedy people.

Kelly Pinkerton said...

You ARE a box of Nerds :) and Jordan is a champ! The people in Harlem need to step it up.

Ryan said...

With July 4 upcoming, I trust you are aware of the extracurricular activities of one of your favorite presidents?