Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Best Just Some Night Time Pictures

Walked to my grocery store and back the other night, took my Nokton along.

These are my stairs

There is a window on the way down the staircase and this is what you see out of it

Lil Italy was bustling but calm that night, like when there's a crowd but the crowd isn't making any noise.  You just hear glasses and dinner chatter from the restaurants, the occasional accordion, not too many fights.

Tremendously out of focus photo of a window at the Italian American Museum.

Souvenir stores doing steady business. 

Pizzas being bought and enjoyed at a reasonable rate, too.

You put "no" in quotation marks and it gets completely ignored.

Patient amigo.

The Parm crowd.  Look at the jolly laugh that fellow is having inside.  I dream of getting back to meatball sandwiches soon.

Attempting to pierce the lacy veil of Torrisi Italian Specialties.  This place is so much on my special occasion go-to list.  I just need the occasion.  Just give me a reason, seriously!  A reason and a reservation.

I am sorry if you scrolled through this whole thing hoping to see pictures of the grocery store.  I didn't take any there.

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Mitch said...

Ha,ha. "No" Photos is cracking me up.