Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Best Haus Party

This afternoon the internet told me that Coolhaus, the famous and popular ice cream sandwich truck, would be giving out free ice cream sandwiches right by my work.  I like free, and I like ice cream sandwiches, and I never had had a Coolhaus before, so I went!

Look at the size of this line, right?

But look how much longer it was behind us!  I think we got there five or ten minutes after the truck showed up, beating most of the financial workers that needed free ice cream.

Finally at the truck, it wasn't such a bad wait.

Co-worker David is excited for his freshly-made, hand-scooped ice cream sandwich.

Co-worker (and Netherfriend) Francisco bites into his sandwich.  They came in edible wrappers!

I liked my Coolhaus sandwich!  Look how big it is, they didn't skimp on the samples.  Also, look how you can totally see my one grey beard hair so clearly in this photo.  Suddenly I'm so distinguished.  So distinguished with my ice cream treats.

I had been told by many that the Coolhaus sandwich is a very fine ice cream sandwich.  But now I know it for myself.  It was smart of them to hook me with this free sandwich today, now I'll probably spend all summer jonesing for them and buying them whenever I see the truck.  What a summer it will be!

Coolhaus Website, if you're curious.

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