Thursday, June 07, 2012

Best Let Me Tell You About Three Records

In as few words as possible.  Pretend this is Twitter, even though the reviews get progressively longer.

Beach House — Bloom

Their dreamy music is getting louder and louder, in a couple more albums they'll sound like sleeping in at Slayer's summer rental.  

Best Coast—The Only Place

An unlistenably disappointing follow-up to their wonderfully sunny and stompy debut, I would rather pretend this record didn't exist.   If you've shown you can make good singalong rock songs, make more singalong rock songs, not something that is absolutely not fun at all.

M. Geddess Gengras, Sun Araw & The Congos — Icon Give Thank

Last month I posted about going to see a documentary about the making of this record (short story: Americans Sun Araw and M. Geddess Gengras went to Jamaica and recorded this record with reggae legends the Congos). . . in the nicest way possible, I want to say that the best way to hear the songs of this album is as the soundtrack to that documentary.  Divorced from the visuals of the musicians hanging out, riding in boats, recording the record, walking down the street, etc. the music is a lot to go through on your own.  Sometimes very heavy, sometimes very off in space, there are a few tracks I do like plenty, then there's also a few I'm inclined to skim, like a difficult passage in a book of philosophy.

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