Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Best Sunny Weekends

Memorial Day?  So sunny.  The weekend before this one?  Also so sunny.  Here's pictures from both.

Central Park tour group.

After seeing Moonrise Kingdom a second time Memorial Day Weekend I hung out in a Chase lobby with Jeff and Chaunte.

Chaunte shows that gettin money is serious business.

My 'hood.  When it gets nice, the balloon guys come out.

And when it gets sunny this dude brings out his racket-making gas-powered remote control cars.

Canal street people

This guy said "I heard that click!" after I took this picture.  I was shooting from the hip, you could say.

Tribeca kid stuff.

Little Duck, are you lost?  Do you know where your mother is?

Buy this award winning loft and the Carter family (Sean, Beyonce, and Blue) will be your neighbors.  (I should have made a post just about this . . . maybe I will still)

Three degrees of glory?  I find teaching moments everywhere!

You know what I absolutely did not know about until the other weekend?  The African Burial Ground National Monument. It's right downtown, on the edge of the Financial District.

Union Square time.  Got so close to this fellow.

That guy with the ponytail?  Lafayette.

This baby wanted pigeons.  He abandoned his caretakers to go try to get a pigeon.

Here I have captured the decisive moment immediately AFTER this gentleman formed a gigantic bubble around his demonstration subject . . . you can make out a bit of the burst bubbleguts arcing away from her in middair.

And those were some sunny days.

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