Monday, June 18, 2012

Best Anderson Party

Saturday night Carol held her long-awaited Wes Anderson costume party party.  I came as mean Farmer Bean from Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Alpha absolutely killed as Moonrise Kingdom's Suzy Bishop.  Sam came back from Boston to be a member of Team Zissou.

Jeff was a fantastic Mr. Fox.

Representing Rushmore: Margaret Yang and Magnus Buchan (his cast would be on his right arm).

Chaunte was the jaguar shark and Carol was Jane, both from Life Aquatic.  

Representing the Darjeeling Limited: Francis Whitman (Trish) and his mother Patricia (Meredith).

Katharine was just classy, but Molly was Kylie the opossum from Fantastic Mr. Fox.  You should've seen her crazy eyes!

Cole was Wes Anderson.  Because it was a Wes Anderson Costume Party.  So really he should be commended for being the one person that listened.

Chateau, also reppin' Team Zissou.

Now, listen, you and I both are probably thinking there should be a lot more pictures from this party.  I totally agree.  I thought I took more.  I'd kind of had a wild Friday, my Saturday night was a tiny bit off.

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