Saturday, June 16, 2012

Best Saturday Holiday

Here we are it's Bloomsday once again, today being June 16th, one hundred and eight years after the events in the book Ulysses.  How odd to nearly have this anniversary of a tale of father and son fall on Father's Day.  I've previously posted plenty (too much, probably) about the book, about this day, about James Joyce, but if you care to peruse, CLICK.

It's been three years since the last time I read Ulysses cover to cover, although last year I listened to an excellent chapter by chapter series of lectures on it.  I reread some favorite passages this morning and I'm planning on seeing a documentary on it this afternoon . . . I'll admit I'm tempted to take the Dublin-spanning journey once more, but then again, I've also been thinking about going back for another visit to Enfield Tennis Academy.  At least I know it'll be a summer of big books.  Good beach reads.

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Broek said...

Whenever you want to go to ETA, I'm there.