Monday, July 02, 2012

Best Pics and Pics and Pics

In this post you will find: Various mostly unrelated photograhs.

Several Sundays ago, dropping friends off at the Subway after church.

A couple Saturdays ago, walking around my neighborhood and neighboring neighborhoods.

"sparkling seafood"
I do not understand.
Does mercury sparkle?

Walked more than I cared to.  Better said: I did not care to walk back.

Anthropological archeological discovery at my building.

Same Saturday, several hours later, stepping out into my neighborhood once more.  On Summer weekends the restaurant downstairs spreads all the way to reach my doorstep.  Dear tourists: If they're seating you down the block, in front of the apartment building doorway, you've got a bad seat.  Eat somewhere else.

There's these two poor balloon guys that hustle at my corner so hard on the weekends.

Tough crowd.

This nearby dumpling place, it advertises something called a "Chinese Hamburger w. Pork" that is clearly not a hamburger.  I can't wait to try it and see what happens.

My walk had a destination: A shared small plates place on Rivington.

We were there to celebrate Eliza being in town.


Me!  If you can believe it.  On my own blog! Of all places.

Post-dinner: Down to Gabe's for the roof party I mentioned in my last post.

Kim, in the middle of saying "Brave!" as in "Today I saw Brave!"


Not the Freedom Tower, but one of its siblings.

Heading home through the Financial.

Know your mysterious highrise apartment buildings cast in post-midnight shadow.

Even more mysterious: Four abandoned Gatorade bottles in the Federal Plaza.  What are you up to, loitery Gatorades?

Ok, that's it.

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