Thursday, June 14, 2012

Best Okay Luxury Apartment

So in that last post I mentioned I saw a listing for an apartment in Jay-Z's building.  I researched it a little more, this is what I learned about the $6.9 million, 3,900 sq/ft apartment:

It has a meditation room just off the living room, but I think I'd use the space for crafting:

See, it's right there on the floorplan, Room #7:
Right now, the rest of this "award winnging"ly decorated apartment looks like it might belong to someone with a meditation room.

Here is the apartment listing's official pitch:

Upon entering the loft, a tall gallery space opens into the main space of the loft with quarter sawn maple flooring. The serene atmosphere of this loft comes from its original Japanese tea room. This tea room gracefully blends with the artwork displayed throughout the apartment, turning this loft into an art gallery. The unusual height of the ceiling makes this place grand but yet private. The library is housed in a ten-foot-high 40-foot-long curved walnut bookcase that contains display vitrines. The wood burning fire place in the living room adds to the intimacy of this place. The terrace, which is off the living room, is more of a logia style out door space that conceals one's privacy. Since this building is all about privacy, this loft comes with a private garage, located in the basement of the building, which is accessible by the main elevator bank right to your floor. Also on the 6th floor, you have your private fully locked storage room. There will be no public open houses. Showing will be by appointments only.

So this is what a logia looks like?

I like that it comes with its own storage room on the 6th floor. I like that there is a 40-ft -long bookcase with display vitrines.  A place like this definitely screams "Book Lover!"  I don't like that there are only two bathrooms and that you have to go through either bedroom to get to one.  I also do not like that the listing says the ceiling height is "unusual" but does not indicate what the height actually is.  Unusually high?  Unusually low?  Is this a Japanese Hobbit hole?  I need to know!  But I really like that there will be no open houses, showings by appointment only.  I don't want to move in knowing a bunch of riff-raff had wandered in and taken a look at my new home just for their own enjoyment.  But before I buy I would like to know how close Shawn and Beyonce's apartment is and how often I might run into them.  That's the deciding factor, really.


Courtnie said...

Ok, I GUESS this is an ok place. Just ok. I have 2 comments: a) when are you moving in, because I want to know when I can babysit for Hova and B; and b) for reals, they need someone else to write that listing. It was pretty rough. But no doubt it will sell and when you buy it, I'll help overhaul the whole place (starting in the meditation room....I love crafting!!)

sarah said...

For me, its all about the logia.