Thursday, December 01, 2011

Best and Now I've Seen This, Too

Having made it to the balloon inflating and a bit of the Macy's Parade, it seems I'm checking out all the big crowd holiday activities.  Last night's BCHA?  The lighting of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree.

Not this one.

That green one, there.  In the distance.  Arrived "early" with Kelley and Kaitlan, thought we got ourselves a decent spot.

Set in to wait for the show, watched Beyonce videos on phones.

Got a call from late-arriving Alpha, she told us she (and a couple famous Utahns I'd seen before on the internet) had cut through a Rockefeller Center lobby and found a better spot than ours.

A much better spot.  So we copied her sneaking, it was so easy.

We enjoyed performances by Michael Buble,

Tony Bennet

and many more (Neil Diamond, Singing-show winners, Cee-lo, etc.)

Some of our crowd friends.  See that kid on the shoulders in a tie back there?  Rad little dude.

It was a lot of work trying to keep Kait happy.

The biggest name among the night's big names? The Biebs.  Obvs.

These girls had Zapruder-level theories on whether or not Justin was actually at Rockefeller Center that night (you see, the performers were all down in the skating area, so we couldn't actually see them, but we cold feel their nearness as we watched the NBC broadcast on monitors.  But I did see Al Roker and Donald Trump, I can testify that they were definitely really there that night.)

And then, finally, a 5-4-3-2-1 countdown, the lighting, and we were out of there.

Look at all those touch screens.

So many cameras.  So many cameraphones.

Post-show: A little fruitless 5th Avenue walking, cries of hunger, a bee line to the Burger Joint.  

It'd been a few months.  Burger Joint burger, I missed you.

And now I've laid eyes on the Burger Joint grilled cheese, it doesn't look so bad.

Parker Meridian also hosts a nice annual collection of gingerbread houses.

Some Occupy North Pole protesters.  Go back to work, lazy elves!  Make me presents!

Conclusion: this BCHA wasn't so bad.  It wasn't super crowded in our pen but I don't think I'd run back and do it again.

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Bek said...

One word to describe this night: WINNING!