Friday, December 16, 2011

Best Little Thursday Night Outing

I was going to stay in last night but then I said to myself "What do you have against fun?" and met up with amigos at the ice rink at the Standard Hotel for a bit.  Besides, Aubrey was in town and she had organized this party to get friends together, what kind of Grinch would shun that?  Of course, when I got there I found out Aubrey was at another party.  Kids!

It might not be the biggest rink, but it is hip and rather charming.  And look!  There's Trish!

Jen and Whitney.

Gabe told me he almost didn't get on the ice because he didn't feel like paying $10 (or whatever) but then said to himself "Man, Gabe, don't be such a cheapskate."  Not kidding!  That was his joke!

And now there's Trish talkin with my roommate Derrin.


Where skates come from.

Rink from the other side.

Assembling for apres skate crepes.

Kristin, Anne Marie and a wind-swept crepe.

See that woman who is a blur?  She's about have a magnificent spill and slide across the ice like she was stealing third.  All smiles the whole time, though.

I don't visit the Meat Packing District often, but when I do, I am impressed by their Christmas windows.


Collin Mapp said...

I hope someone told Brian to put on a jacket.

Brigham said...

He was just a little warm from all the triple axles.