Thursday, December 15, 2011

Best Little Ward Christmas Party

I was asked to be in charge of the Ward Christmas Party this year, but really the whole committee did all the work.  I was lucky to be given a group of total go-getters to work with, everyone pulled their weight and then some, and it all came together very nicely with barely any serious headaches.

Half way into the party I thought "That's right, I've got my camera, I should take a few photos."  But only a few.

I shared a table with Lexia and Adam.  But this is just Lexia.

The Hadleys were at my table, too.

Okay, there's Adam.  Playing Silent Night on his guitar.

Bishop Crandall lead the children's portion of the evening.

They played this game/listened to this story called "The Right Family Christmas" or something like that. Surprisingly controlled chaos, amazing work not opening the presents before they were supposed to.

Party also featured guests from locales as far flung as Los Angeles and Washington DC.


Mitch said...

I love seeing Stacey and Amber on your blog!

Side of Jeffrey said...

How those kids were able to sit there and not open those presents defies my understanding and reason.

Anonymous said...

I miss Lexia. Thanks for the coverage, Briggie.

Bek said...

stacey and amber are my lifeblood.