Monday, December 05, 2011

Best Kicking Off of the Holiday Party Season

All right, now here's a big crowded holiday activity I look forward to every year: Carol's annual Christmas Party.  This year's party was 1962.

Look at this tree!

Look at this spread!

Very vintage food, right?  Carol's blog has a detailed rundown on everything there was to eat.  Also, did you know Carol has a blog now?

Micah and Nat, put to work juicin.

I didn't know there were deviled eggs until it was almost too late.

Ahem.  No thank you!  I don't even fake smoke.

And now, revelers!

I was there.  And so was Carol.


My old neighbors Sharon

and Rob.

Sam, MVP.

Laura and Karrie



JB and Whitney.



Meredith (dancing, not yelling).

Derek and brother Kyle.

Austin and Di, seated in the blue eye section.

Chaunte and her neighbor . . . Andrew?  Could that be right?  Sorry!


Ty and Kristin.

We partied through Christmas hits, 60s hits, and 2000s hits.  Skirts got twirly.


Conga line broke out for my Harry Belafonte jam.

Jen, Abby, Andrea.

Broek, telling fools whatsup.

This seems to be my only photo with Jeff in it?  Please believe me he was very much there.

The Beale Sisters.


Rachel!  Did you know she lives in Massachusetts now?

Everyone!  Hands up!

Polaroids were taken.  We were inventing a good dance for sleigh ride.

Kelley and Caitlin popped in towards the end.

I don't know what song we are inventing a dance for here.

Terrible milkshake afterparty. (Good afterparty, terrible milkshakes)

Deep conversation with a few funny parts.

Best effort with camera timer.

Too soon?

Supplemental Reading: Carol's 1940's Party from 2010, and I can't find my post for her 20's party in 2009.  Is it possible I didn't blog it?

Oh, and now Carol's new blog has a post about the party.  Go read it!  There's some good pictures and words to be found there.

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Chaunté Vaughn said...

I love these pictures Brig! The one of you and Carol is especially lovely.