Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Best Trailer Possible

If you're finding out from me that the Dark Knight Rises trailer trailer is now online you really don't spend enough time on the internet.  Here is the trailer . . .

And here is my scene by scene analysis.  I have no spoilery knowledge of the movie, this is all just guesses and analysis.

Scene 1: A boy nervously begins to sing the National Anthem at a football game.  You never expected a football game in a Batman movie, I know.  We see that the Gotham City Football team is called the Rogues and that they're going to smash the Monuments . . . the Metropolis Monuments, perhaps?
Scene 2: Bane emerges from underground, the trailer makes you want to think this is at the football game.  I've seen Bane in action in the Dark Knight Rises prologue and can tell you he is not nervous here.
Scene 3: Close up of a covered meal in a fancy hall with covered furniture.  A limping man with a cane walks towards this.  The limping man must be Bruce Wayne.  Is he starting out limpy in the movie or does he get limpy?  This is a major question.
Scene 4: Alfred, choked up?, talking to Bruce about his responsibility to protect him.  Bruce looks a little worn out.
Scene 5: Manhattan is Gotham now.  We had a good run, Chicago.
Scene 6: A party.  At the rebuilt Wayne Manor?  We learn that the mayor is going to dump Commissioner Gordon and that we're in a time of peace.  Bruce with a Cane watches (or appears to watch) from a balcony above.  Posters of Harvey Dent . . . can't tell if this is the same scene from the beginning of the prologue, that one seemed to be set in daytime.  Maybe this is the Harvey Dent funeral afterparty?
Scene 7: Bruce with a Cane strolls into a party.  For rich folk.  Catwoman talks to him about Occupy Wallstreet.  Cut to . . .
Scene 8: Police in a hall duck, they're scared!  Something falls.
Scene 9: Bane walks down a hall, he is not scared.  He loves his furry coat.
Scene 10: Catwoman puts on a necklace.  I've rewound the tape a few times, this could be the same necklace and dress she's wearing while dancing with Bruce.  Same pearl earrings.  Her voiceover says "Bat-ten down the hatches."
Scene 11: Gordon with gun and flashlight, an explosion goes off behind him.  Some cops take a fall.  We know from the first teaser that Gordon winds up in a hospital where he asks Batman to come back.  This could be how he wound up there.  So there's some sort of trap laid for the Gotham police, or the Gotham police get in too deep, and they need Batman to come back and save the city?
Scene 12: Interior of a fancy home, belongings are being tossed dow the stairs.  A rich person tries to hide under his furniture, he gets grabbed.  The 99% got a lot more riled up in Gotham.
Scene 13: Now Catwoman whispers into Bruce's ear.  Yeah, that is the same necklace and dress.
Scene 14: Soldiers lead chanting prisoners out of a giant blown open metal door.  They are chanting the Bane chant.  Bane is watching them from the foreground.
Scene 15: A Metropolis Monument football player holds up his hand.  His last name is Ravenstahl?
Scene 16: Bane approaches the end of a tunnel at the football stadium.
Scene 17: Bruce passes through a gate at what looks like an MC Escher prison.  He has a beard.  We think of when he was living in Tibet (or wherever) in the first movie.  He asks some dude "What does that mean?" the dude says "Rise."  Is the dude Alfred?  The Fire Rises.
Scene 18: Back at the football stadium, Bane sets off explosions beneath the field.  A Rogue runs and runs.  Touchdown!  Does it count?  Is this explosion supposed to be amazing?  I kind of don't think it's totally amazing.
Scene 19: Bane says to Bruce Wayne, who looks all beat up and is lying down, "When Gotham is ashes you have my permission to die."  Does he know Wayne is Batman?  Wayne does not have his prison beard here.  Can't tell what he's wearing, either.
Scene 17: Marion Cotillard (IMDB says she plays "Miranda Tate") lowers her masquerade mask, this is the same party Catwoman was at.  Bruce seems to enjoy her company more than he enjoyed Catwoman's.  Probably Cotillard is rich too and isn't bumming Bruce out with talk of revolution.
Scene 18: A man in a suit and a hood drops down a rope outside a building.  Surely this must be Bruce Wayne?  Was the limping and the cane just a ruse?  Can't tell if he's wearing the same suit as he's got on at the costume party.
Scene 19: Catwoman in a hat walking down a concourse, past bathrooms . . . for a second I thought this was at the football stadium, but people have luggage.  It is NOT a football stadium.
Scene 20: Batman raises a gun weapon.  First shot of Batman in the trailer.  This shot was in the prologue, too.
Scene 21: A big truck rolls by a camouflage Tumbler (you know, the same vehicle as the Batmobile) as an explosion goes off and the Tumbler flips.  Light snow falls.
Scene 22: Ninjas(?) repel down into a wide well.
Scene 23: Bane stand proud of himself.
Scene 24: Joseph Gordon Leavit, (playing "John Blake", a cop?) goes through a door, he's looking all around, he's a man on the job.
Scene 25: Fighting on the steps of a government building in light snow (so same scene or time that that tumbler gets blown up), cops fight normal looking people, Bane approaches Batman.  It's odd, and exciting, to see Batman out in broad daylight.
Scene 26: Cops in a hall, like those earlier scenes where they got blown up.
Scene 27: The fighting on the steps, a Tumbler with a cannon fires at the steps.  I don't see Batman or Bane anywhere on the steps.
Scene 28: Batman and Bane fighting on the steps, Batman doesn't land any punches, Bane swings for Batman's kidneys.
Scene 29: Now one dude dives down into that well that all those ninjas went down in the earlier scene.  His rope comes from down in the well and is secured near the top of the well.  Like ropes are the chief mode of entry for the well.
Scene 30: Now all these hooded dudes enter that Escher prison from earlier on ropes.  So those were the guys from the well?  Is that how you get into this prison, via wells?
Scene 31: Camo Tumbler being followed by black Lobster Jet.  That's Batman, right?

What an odd scene to end the trailer with.
This is what I think: If we start poking around to find out more about the plot of this movie everything will be ruined for us.  Don't poke around!  Don't get spoiled!

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