Tuesday, December 13, 2011

America's Best Top Natural History Musuem

Saturday I took my first trip to the American Museum of Natural History in four years and half years.  Four and a half years!  Can you believe it?  I met Kelley in front of the Shake Shack.  What a perfectly situated meeting place.


"Look, a comb!"

Almost got completely sidetracked when I noticed this statue of Frederick Douglass outside the New York Historical Society.

But got my act together and made it into the appropriate museum.  Learned about dinosaurs a lot.  What's the deal with those bone eyeballs they give them now?

Look, dinosaurs!

Are those fake eyeballs so you don't think their eyes were in those much larger and cooler and scarier empty parts of the skull?  Because, truth be told, that is where I always imagined the eyeballs being.

Giant wombat fossil!

Such playful looking little guys.

On to the Bean Museum portion of the show.

I just want to get a sweet album-cover deal.

Potbellied Mexican dog pot.


We had a competition to see who would run into someone they knew first.  I ran into Sharon outside the marine life area.  I won!

Okay, AMNH, got to go.

Boots and boots and boots.  Friends wear matching boots, that's how you know they're friends.

Making my way home, slowly.

Tried to snap that chicken hat while walking past it, wound up with a nicely composed little urban scene: The Pensive Pretzel Enthusiast.

(And also, stop ripping everyone off, Urban Outfitters.  Original.)

Is this a family?  Does anyone know?

As you can see, I ran out of things to say.  But I need to get back to that museum and learn about space.


Collin Mapp said...

Hm. No Hall of Minerals.

Brigham said...

We were in a bit of a rush. Sacrifices had to be made. There were some regrets.