Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Best First Gift of Christmas

The other night I came home to discover a package from Jeff M., opened it: these were inside.  Poach pods!  Jeff must know how hard it is for me to poach an egg right.  I've got serious poaching problems.

Tonight I gave them a trial run.

You get a pot, you get the water boiling, you turn it down, you place the pods in the water with the eggs aboard.

A few minutes later, this is what you've got!

Plopped them into some ramen, burst some yolks and got down.  I guess they were more like softly baked eggs or contained weird fried eggs but they were a lot better than my usual disaster poached eggs. I predict a long training wheels like relationship between me and my poach pods.

So thank you Mulcock family for the First Present of Christmas!


Mom said...

Straight out of Aunt Beru's kitchen.

Side of Jeffrey said...

It hurts me to see a friend struggle with important issues like poaching. Anything I can do to facilitate your success helps me feel significant joy.