Monday, February 21, 2011

Best Work for Hire

I wrote an A to Z of what I like about New York for Sariah's Yell Softly internet concern.
If you like lists and you like New York, then this just might be the link for you!


Dad said...

Great list Brig. I left a comment, "O" should have been for opera.

Grace said...

I love lists of things to do in NY and yours is g-reat. It clicked with me today, Brigham should be a writer! Or is a writer/food critic/ music & film reviewer/story teller already I guess

Side of Jeffrey said...

Did you feel constricted by your alphabet? Did you have several D's but really had to stretch for an R or F?

Brigham said...

Dad: I repented of this, a little, at YS.
Grace: You know how I feel about things that click for you.
S.ofJeffrey: Yes, F actually might have been the hardest. O, too. Because my brain wasn't working. C and M I had the most things to pick between.