Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Best Wedding Celebration!

Update: I don't know what's wrong with some of these pictures.  If you click them, the whole picture shows up in full-size mode.  You may enjoy clicking on some of these, particularly the fish with human teeth.

Saturday afternoon I went to Duane and Christine's wedding celebration.  I am starting this post off with the best picture from the party to jump start you into understanding how great this wedding celebration was.  Keep reading for a deeper understanding of the greatness!

The celebration was held at the La Guardia East Sheraton in Flushing at the very end of the 7 train.  Even with ample planning and preparation I still arrived at the very last second, slipping in right before the wedding party entered for the ring ceremony.  What a welcoming sight, though!  Everyone lined up and ready.  It was an honor and a privilege to be able to see Duane and shake his hand moments before he made his grand entrance.

Our friend Mark Chen officiated at the ceremony.

Here are all the important details.

While the family took photos the rest of us enjoyed hors devours.  I tried to control myself and not hors devour too many as I knew there was a long food-road ahead of us.

A hotel lounge worthy of the neighborhood.

Inside the banquet space, an ice sculpture.

Jeff seated at Table 6, the Cool Table.

A Wedding Banquet.  Not a choice between beef and chicken, a banquet.  Duane always threw a generous and well-fooded Olympics party or Utah Basketball (or football) celebration, so I didn't expect anything less than amazement at his wedding celebration.

A look at the menu.

A look at the menu and additional data.  Twelve courses!  No big deal, just twelve awesome courses!

The wedding party made its grand entrance.

Ending with Duane and Christine!


Celebratory entrances gave way to first dances.

Which gave way to first courses!  Crispy suckling pig?  Yes.  And what is that which it sits upon?  A bed of noodles?  Or onions?  Nope, jelly fish.

Hello, course two: Crabclaws stuffed with shrimp.

Prawns in walnut sauce!  Super epic!  I practiced extreme restraint with this course, knowing I had nine more after it.  I definitely would have polished the platter off after everyone was served and then checked on the leftovers at neighboring tables had I not been so committed to dignity and pacing

Video presentation re: Duane and Christine.  I had never seen teen Duane before!

The banquet had an MC that kept the party lively with the twirling of napkins and such.  Is that Morgan on the right?  You bet.

Sharkfin soup!  I've had sharkier.

More dancing!

A Happy Mom.

Party time!

Would you believe this choreography was improvised?


Back to the banquet for some beef

Conga line!

Even though I know them I got nervous watching the couple making there way from table to table, getting closer and closer to our table.

Jeff and Christine.

And here's my favorite picture of the day once more, this time in its proper chronological location.

Wait a second . . . what's happening on the lobster platter?

Chicken Head!  Did you make friends?  Get back on the delicious fried chicken platter, silly!

And Mr. Fish, uhh, why do you have people teeth?

Cake time!


Is it bad manners to ask for more cake?  Not that I would, not that I did!  Don't you know that I love manners?

And then the celebration wrapped up, or I assume it wrapped up, it was still going strong when the hour came that I needed to be hitting the road.  Took some pictures of pictures of the couple on the way out.

Best wishes to Duane and Christine!  Thanks for having me to your Wedding Celebration a.k.a. Party of the Year 2011.  I know it's only February, but I'm calling it now.

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Maria Petrova said...

Ah, Brigham, so nice to see these!!! Thank you for sharing. Congrats, Duane!!!