Friday, February 18, 2011

Best Saturday Afternoon Museum Trip

Note: If you can't get all these beautiful images to load, maybe try another browser?  I don't see them all in Chrome but they show up in Firefox.  Weird.

Saturday (after having my bo ssam) I went out to the new Museum of the Moving Image museum in Queens to see the exhibits and watch the Academy Award-nominated documentary, Wasteland.

I arrived simultaneously with Vanessa, Ingrid, and Beth so there's a lot of Vanessa, Ingrid, and Beth pictures coming your way.

Everyone was making fun of Ingrid for always making model face in her pictures.  See if you disagree with them by the end of the post.

"Hey, Brother."

Oh no, Chewie!

Oh no, Al!

Oh no, Marlon!

Oh no, whoever you are.

The Museum of the Moving Image was like a really classy Planet Hollywood without chicken fingers.

Now here's some behind the scenes stuff I'm really into.

Crockett and Tubbs.

Mork in front, Mrs. Doubtfire in the rear.

Annie with Cliff in the background.

One Star Wars product I'd certainly never seen before.

And some I definitely had.

Also in the Moving Image collection: video games.

Miniature theater you could not go into.

Odd little theater you could go into.

Top floor: some video art.

Those shadows are projected onto that sculpture.

Getting real clever with the stop-motion movie-making machine.

Then we went into museum's theater to watch Wasteland.  It was very good and it was about Brazil and it was about art.  This is the curtain over the movie screen.

When the movie ended it was past closing time so they threw us right out of the museum.

Chateau was like "Hey man, can I see your camera?" and I was like "Sure!"  So all the rest of these fine photos are the work of our man Chateau.

It took him but a minute to figure out focusing.

And then he was on track for victory.  For domination.

Me.  At last.

Amanda from California.

Uhhhhhh. . .

And that was the trip to the museum. Even though it's in Queens, I can definitely recommend a visit to the Museum of the Moving Image. It is very designy and interesting inside.


amanda jane said...

these photos + the captions are fantastic. well done brigham. :)

Ingrid Barros said...

i disagree!! i made a "model" face once.. hahaha. but it's ok. at least i made you guys laugh!! a lot. :)

claire said...

Do I get credit for inspiring this trip?

Ingrid is a model.

s.c. said...

Brigham, these photos are amazing. That is all - I just love the photos a lot and a lot.

V said...

love the photos brigham! and ingrid, you made the model face more than once, but only a few got posted. :)