Monday, February 14, 2011

Best Early Valentine

I learned last week, from a Hallmark Commercial, that Valentine's Day isn't for saying "I Love You" but "I Love Us."  Well, Saturday I made some time to tell a bo ssam that "I Love Us." And also, to my friends, I tell you also that "I Love Us."  Yes, yes, it was a special day.  

Prior to loving the pork butt, we loved some pickles.

Some pork buns.  And Helen and Cassie.

And even spicy honeycomb tripe (which maybe I loved more than I ever expected I would?)

Oh, and also we loved a couple orders of the kimchi apple salad.  The crispy jowl bacon was crispier than ever.

The bo ssam arrived to applause.

(here's how it looked from the other end of the table)

And was dealt with appropriately.

That's my roommate, Nate!  Finally, after a year of dealing with me going on and on about it, Nate learned of the ways of the Ssam Bar.

Jen and Hilary.

1 of 5, maybe six.  I lucked out and got maybe three oysters.  I probably only needed two.

Paul, Ignacio, Casey.

All that remained after just one half hour.

All us lunchers.  I'm lost steam with the I Love Us motif I started this post with but, hey, here we all all. I love us all.

The twenty dollar bill is to restaurants what quarters are to arcade games.

Post-meal debriefing.

And then we slipped over to the Milk Bar to top ourselves off with some baked goods.  If you were there in line then you'll remember that here Nate is actually giving Hilary a hard time.

Afterwards she wouldn't even try his french toast softserve.

But feelings were patched up over a few cookies.

And oh yes, birthday cake cake balls.

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