Thursday, February 03, 2011

Best Penultimate Shakedowns

I'm several weeks behind on FNL opinions, but why catch up when I could just stay current?

Last night the second to last ever Friday Night Lights aired.  I expected this episode to feature the Lions' final game of the season with next week's episode being the grand wrap-up to the series.  Nope.  I was wrong.  No game this week, but boy did this week leave a season's worth of things to wrap-up next week.

This week we saw: Astounding Panther insidiousness, Buddy up to his oldest tricks, surprising returns of old characters (even more surprising when you don't recognize them right away), lots of "things will never go back to how they were" lessons and moments--reminded me of the end of Lord of the Rings when Frodo knows he can't return to the Shire, all sorts of throwbacks to the old FNL, meditations on the very nature of Dillon (is it as inescapable as the Island from Lost? as corrupting or wish granting?), and, in lieu of a final football game, a face off I was too afraid to ever dream of.

So, yeah.  Good stuff this week.  Great stuff, really.  Next week's episode should be something else.

And you might ask, Am I sad that Friday Night Lights is going away forever?  Eh, not really.  It's just television.

And for the record, Season Five is coming to NBC on April 15th.
And to DVD April 5th.  Interesting.

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nerak said...

"And you might ask, Am I sad that Friday Night Lights is going away forever? Eh, not really. It's just television."

Brigham. I'm a little disappointed in you for making this statement. How are you emotionally prepared to never have another FNL episode to watch?? I'm freaking out about it.