Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Best Celebration of Nothing But a Love for Tacos (and Tortas)

Friday night we met up at La Cabaña (the restaurant formerly known as "La Casa") not because anyone was in town or because anyone was having a birthday but because, hey, tacos.  And tortas.

Sure we're all friends but sometimes we go so long without seeing each other, you know?  It's good to catch up.

We had quite a few first timers at the restaurant that night, like Casey.  Now that La Casa is La Cabaña they bring you chips and salsa at the start of the meal.  Also, note the romantic Valentine's Day decorations throughout the restaurant.

Chris enjoying his order of guacamole.  At this point, he doesn't know that the guacamole is $10, an oddity on the otherwise very reasonably priced menu. (But not as reasonably priced as it used to be.  In 2007, tortas were $4.  Now they're $6.)

Claire, also first-timing.  About to learn about the fine tortas of 117th street.

What I ate.  I was taking it easy.

Had to wait a long time for the condiment trough to come out.  The charming thing about La Casa is the "service."

And now we chow down.

Actually, you know who was in town?  Gian.  He gave me a hug.

Spotted on the way home: What you can expect to receive on a certain Monday morning coming up real soon.

Also spotted: An even more incredible parallel parking job . . . OR an abandoned effort to pull out of a parking space several days ago?  Before things began to melt?

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