Thursday, February 24, 2011

Best Perhaps I Am Shooting at Fish in a Barrel

UPDATE: Questions have been raised about the tights and leggings on display at Yfashiondaily.  May I refer you to this "interesting" post where they address the issue themselves. Link.

But shoot I must!

In the past month a BYU street-fashion tumblr has appeared on the internet.  Actually, there are two: Yfashion and Yfashiondaily.  Both seem to be run by the BYUSA, with Yfashion seeming to be more dress and grooming standards oriented.

That there is a BYU street-fashion tumblr is fine with me, that's not something to make fun of.  What the people are wearing at BYU, that's not something to make fun of either—and these two blogs seem to actually do a sort of decent job of representing what Cougars of all sorts are wearing.  That's fine with me, I'm not going to make fun of what your little sister or brother wore today.  I don't care.

What I do think is worth criticism is how lousy these websites, particularly Yfashiondaily, are.  In their mission, I suppose it does all right.  In the execution of its mission, it struggles.  In areas in particular.

First, consider the photography.  Could be the sign of timid photographers, but these people are posing.  They know they're being documented.  GET CLOSER, photographer!  Let's see the people, not the JKHB.

(well, not everyone seems to be posing.  And then the cameraperson just seems like a jerk.  I only post this for illustrative purposes!)

In some cases there is a distant shot and then a close up shot . . .

BUT it looks like the same photo!  Just cropped and brightened!  What?!

(actually, in returning to Yfashiondaily to prepare this post I've found the photography improved, more or less.  So congratulations on that.  But Problem #2 is still in full effect.)

Problem #2: The captions!  On occasion Yfashiondaily will tell you what their Cougar on Campus is wearing . . .

You see that?  Let me caption the caption: "red scarf, grey blazer, light maroon shirt, cuffed jeans, tan lace-up boots, red patterned gloves).  It's just telling you what she's wearing!  It's like Yfashiondaily is a website for the blind.

And it does it again,

and again,

and again,

And when descriptions get more particular, it's usually about the obvious . . .

Oh, that's a BYU sweatshirt.  Thought it looked familiar.

ohhh, that's a Daft Punk t-shirt.  And they're a band?

And then, sometimes, no caption at all!  What color is this guy's sweater?  Please!  Can someone tell me?!

Okay, that's what I've got re:Yfashiondaily.


laura said...

oo! i know one of those girls. hahaha. i'm adding that blog to my reader. can't wait.

laura said...

also, i'm pretty sure that one of those skirts pictured wasn't knee-length and that i am one of those jerks who can laugh that these blogs exist.

Side of Jeffrey said...

Love it. Where do you find these things?

Laura: i was intrigued by the skirt/tights issue as well. I heard they shut that behavior down at BYU...but apparently not if it is being highlighted as appropriate behavior here.

Brigham said...

Re: Leggings and Such,

Chaunté Vaughn said...

Yes, this is real, and that is also Brittany Watson's sister:) So many people are saying the same things about this tumblr, and yet it doesn't get any better.

JGP said...

i feel kinda awkward just looking at the photos! but i guess it gives people a little feeling of pride like they were just spotted by the sartorialist.

amanda_jane said...

I know the guy in the last pic. Awesomeness.

Miss B. said...

well said, B.

Cindy said...

I can tell you that the lace-up tan boots are Steve Madden's.

Pearl said...

Best Provo joke.