Thursday, February 10, 2011

Best Anniversary Party

I started Saturday night off by checking on the stake Chinese New Year Celebration.  It was all right, but I had already spent most of my day at a rad Chinese banquet, I think you remember what I'm talking about.

So I headed over to Broek and Claire's where they were holding a party to celebrate their one year New York anniversary . . . and also just partyin' because partyin' is fun, I think.


There were treats!  Or, there was potpourri!

There was me!

There were all sorts of people from all sorts of places!  Look, there's Mark!  It was his birthday!

Place got packed with friends.

Dancing in the living room.  Can you guess the song?  Here's a hint, look at Broek's hands.

After dancing plenty (yes, this party was so good it made me dance!) I headed back to the kitchen to see who else I might find.  Oh cool!  Ines and Laura.

And wait . . . who's that over there?  No way . . .

It's my homeboy Warren G.!  Right now Hillary's brains is like "WHAAAT?!?!"
(Also, Dear Reader, did you know I got a hat for Christmas?  Happy Blog debut, baseball cap.)

When you're high fashion co-workers you can't afford to ever let up on lookin' stone cold.

Aaaaand that's it for the party!

Heading for the train, I saw this Mini car up on the billboard.  Silly Mini.


Tannerama said...

I'm guessing the song was "Big, Bad, Wolf" from the hit 1985 film "Teen Wolf" starring Michael J. Fox.

Hillary said...

my brain totally went WHAAAAT!!!!
oh man i'm so sad i couldn't make it. warren's debut on the briggie blogspot, this is huge!!!

Brigham said...

Tanner wins!
Hillary wins, too!