Thursday, February 17, 2011

Best This Actually Happened Last Night

Usually I take a week to blog something.  But today I'm blogging what happened last night, in fact, I'm blogging it just a few hours after it happened.

What happened last night was: my old downtown ward went ice skating at Bryant Park and I swung by to watch and socialize.  There were a lot of rules at the rink: no electronics on the ice (so I was useful as a rinkside photographer), no backwards skating, no food on the ice (so our handing out of cookies was quite against the rules actually), and no hand holding.  No hand holding!  What's the point of skating (roller or ice) if there's no hand holding allowed?

Broek finishing a spin.

I never got a clear shot of Claire's face because she was always working on her backwards skating.  Did I mention backwards skating was against the rules?  There were so many rules, I can't remember which ones I mentioned.

Oh, here comes Chateau!

I think this dude is also a Central Park Roller Dancer.

"It's me, Nick!" w/ Monica.

I have a terrible thing to admit: I can't remember the name of the guy with the glasses, but we had a very important bonding moment right before he got on the train when I found out he had just moved to New York from Pasadena.

Amigos en Hielo!

A little civil disobedience, a little flouting of the rules.

In spite of all the rules, I found the ice rink at Bryant Park (or "the Pond", as it likes to call itself) a nice place to be.  Very agreeable, particularly in this post-tourist season.

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Side of Jeffrey said...

This post, like many posts before it, makes me realize how short of a time it is between being a part of something and then being completely removed. Who are these people? They all look nice and attractive and fun.