Monday, January 24, 2011

Best Saturday of Learning

Saturday I went to the Jewish Museum (which I hadn't been to since 2006) [click that link for a incredible journey into the past] to learn about Harry Houdini.  You were only allowed to take pictures one place: With Harry.

If you could't tell from the above photo essay, I am an escape artist now.

The thing I most wanted to learn about Harry Houdini when I got to the museum was what his real name was.  Eric Weisz.  As a kid he went by the germanic "Ehrich" and developed the nickname "Ehry" which sounds like "Harry" and he called himself "Houdini" after a French magician with the last name of Houdin.

And yes, all that is on Wikipedia, but I learned it in real life.  At the museum.

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