Thursday, January 13, 2011

Best And This Was Christmas

I spent my Christmas at home in Chicago where there was always snow on the ground but the weather was really never that bad.

Ate chili when I got there.

On the day before Christmas Eve I went out into the world with Mom and Owen.

We had some Johnnies

And then went and saw Tron in 3D.  Here's a picture of one of my favorite parts.

When we got home Owen opened the First Gift of Christmas.  It was a video game.  Mom could tell Owen and I needed something to do.  As brothers.  So I yelled at him when he didn't make Mario jump onto the right thing.

That night we had Robinson's Ribs.  It had been such a long time since I had had any Robinson's Ribs.

This is what you get when you order a side of fries: a box stuffed full of french fries.

On Christmas Eve Dad gave us a lesson before mom read the stories.

Christmas Eve dinner.  Dessert?  Hard to remember.

We stayed up watching old family Christmas videos.

And then it was Christmas morning!

I'm not sure what a Horcrux is but I think my Christmas stocking might be one.  Of mine.

Preparing fluffy pancakes.

We sang We Wish You a Merry Christmas to Kristen's family when they called.  They thought it was our voicemail message.

And then we used tech to watch them open presents.  I think every family in the world probably did a little videochat present opening this year.

I'm glad Santa straightened this out.

And they say it's better to give than to receive, so what did I give?  Well, among other things, signed and personalized Frankies cookbooks for the Edwards family and for Owen.  My Frankies book has a solar-system theme, so Pete and I thought it best to take these artworks down to earth and then under the sea.

"This is not the Hobbit."  Get it?  Get it?

Admired the neighborhood Christmas lights before calling it a day.  And a night.

Monday the 27th we took a walk all the way to the post office through dear Oak Park.

We were going there to return the Netflix.

Then we had a "little" lunch at Las Fuentes.

Nachos . . .

I felt like having shrimp tacos.

Some cool dude had parked his car at Las Fuentes.

That night we drove downtown.

And had tortas at Xoco

And very Mexican hot chocolate

And churros.

I discovered my dad's office is like eye-to-eye with one of my favorite signs in all of Chicago.

Before leaving I had lasagna.  No, wait.  On Christmas Eve I had lasagna.  This picture is totally in the wrong place.

And that was Christmas.  Did you hear it snowed in New York while all this was happening in Chicago?  Next picture post we'll learn about that New York snow.

Oh, and if you're not doing anything tonight, why not read about my trip to Disneyland?  Or download it?


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