Thursday, January 27, 2011

Best Brooklyn Art Show

Monday was cold and savage, but for those that managed to survive the journey, there were things to see at Pratt as our friend Ben was having his thesis show.  I was excited to go see the art he had been making, the art he had been living.

It was an interactive installation piece commenting on the state of the contemporary art scene and the viewer's relationship with said art.

Just kidding!  That was a normal deli tray.  I'll show you the real art in a second, after I show you Steve.  

And look!  Ryan!

Okay, here's the real art.  Ben is a sculpture student and this is his creation.

He would wear it out in nature and record his experiences.

Those narrations played through these speakers set up through the room.  Hey Ryan!  No touching the art!

The creation was worthy of examination.

Chaunte.  Shhhh.  She's on the phone.

Video of Ben setting up out in nature.




Alpha is reading Ben's Artist Statement.  I should have read his Artist Statement.  This post would have been smarter if I had.

Don't let these pictures deceive you.  By the time I left the show it was really filling up with people, it was a veritable Who's Who of who's awesome.


Adrian @adriandayton said...

Awww, I miss Ben and Francesco. Congrats to both of you on everything you have accomplished since I last saw you 4 year ago.

Bek said...

BEARDY!!!! (That's what I call Ben).

Chaunté Vaughn said...

thanks for that picture Briggie. it tells a good story.