Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Best Things from Between Thanksgiving and Christmas

Today I would like to post a post of things from between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I would like to begin with a picture of Aubrey, our former neighbor, and then move on to a additional photographs.

Do you know what museum this is?

Trick Question.  It's not a museum, it's an apartment building lobby.

This is a thank you card I sent my Grandma, thanking her for letting me be in her house.

One Saturday I met up with friends at Eataly, Mario Batali's new grocery store/restaurants/panic attack where they sell what they cook and cook what they sell.

This right here is the #1 Highest Quality Milk You Can Buy in New York State!  Don't believe me?  Read the label!

And here's goat's milk, just like nana used to make

Out on the street, an alien

 a stuffed pigeon

and me, as photo'd by Beth

We dipped into the Ace hotel for a minute

New York's most popular studyhall

Back to the streets

There was this one day where I ate a McRib.  I had never had one before.  It was both bigger and smaller than I had expected, both better and more disgusting than I thought it would be.  A sandwich of contradictions, a complex lunch choice.

Made up for it that night by going to Frankies

Jeff and I ate with Janelle and Angela in an effort to make Keith and Leslie jealous.

The dinner was so excellent, too excellent to spend photographing.  But here's our awesome pork shank and cranberry beans.  I love cranberry beans!

Sinister drink.  Not from Frankies, from an English place.

Deep fried Twix.  Not from Frankies, from an English place.

And I haven't had any of these yet but trust me, I'm interested.

This, however, is not a very good looking cheese steak.

One Saturday found myself at Crifdogs with Jeff R.

We left just as the crowd was getting out of control.  See these people?  They will never get their hot dogs.  Their hot dogs are still being cooked a month later.

This is an elegant apartment building between Avenues C and D.  Who'd have known?

One day these mysterious items appeared mysteriously on our doorstep.  Don't know why.  They're gone now.

I've been eating tacos at Taco Mix on my way home from La Casa on and off for years now, but I finally had a torta there for lunch one day.  Holee Smokes.  Look at this thing!  Can you believe this thing?!

Bad news.  The Homeboy Sneaker Shop?  It's gone out of business.  Homeboys, where've you been buying all your sneakers?  Why'd you take their business away?

This is the card I gave Andy as a Christmas card.  And Andy's coffee table.  See those M&Ms?  They're not at Andy's house anymore.  I ate them.

Feeling a little guilty about loving Taco Mix so much, I hit up La Casa with my amigos for Christmas tacos.  There's Dave!

Jenn and Jeff!

The most wonderful tostada,

and tacos that were so, so perfect that night.  I was slapping the table and singing out loud all the meal long.

On my block they've been filming a movie for weeks, an Indian movie.  Bollywood West, that's where I live.

Clothes hung to spell out Materialistic.

Spencer got new glasses.

Broek got music video-hair, for a night.

A grassroots campaign conducted in my apartment building lobby.

Movie-themed gingerbread houses at the Parker Meridian.

A lion in a deli

Rag and Bone Christmas windows

And just before leaving New York I notice this: The Iron Giant.  Playing at the Film Forum?  The good news is I made it back from Chicago just in time to catch it.

And at the apartment?  Things are better than ever.

I would like to close this post as I began it, with a picture of our former neighbor, Aubrey.  Just kidding!  It's me.  Look more closely next time.

I bet looking at all those pictures from Christmas wore you out.  Why not relax by reading about my trip to Disneyland?  Or downloading it?


Bek said...

would that i could roam the streets of new york with you. would that i could...

Collin Mapp said...

I'd punch that torta right in the bread basket, I'll tell you what.

matthewgoldallen said...

What lovely frames my friend. Wherever did you find them? Hope you are well. Hard to believe 11 years ago this spring we were in London. I've enjoyed your pictures. It looks like you have a full grasp of your Leica. Well done sir.

Brigham said...

They're actually my roommate's girlfriend's frames, she got them at a place called See in the village:

Broek said...

I want that torta!
I have that coat!
Panic attack is right.