Monday, October 09, 2006

Best Unrelated Content

Last week I walked around doing stuff and meeting with people. I took pictures here and there, but nothing added up enough to equal a whole post. So I'll just fill you in on a few noteworthy things . . .

Monday: I can't even remember why, but last Monday I wound up in midtown and saw the Sky Mirror. It's no bean.

Shark Book!!

Tuesday: I got lucky and got to have lunch with the Rustens.

Before meeting with the Rustens I walked by Tower Video where they were filming Will Smith's new movie, I Am Legend."

Check out the movies of the future!

Wednesday: In the afternoon I went up to the Jewish Museum to see their great exhibit on the Great Jewish Comic Book Artists of the 20th Century. Guess what? All the great comic book artists of the 20th Century were Jewish!

If you have any interest in comic books, I strongly recommend the exhibit.

Here's a picture I took of a man taking pictures of an UES High School Field Hockey Team boarding their bus. Busted!!

Thursday: Natalie is back in town! And she continues her great work with the differently abled!

I had the Taco equivalent of a Barth Burger for lunch.

But my meals of the day took a turn for the better that afternoon when I enjoyed this creation (a steak topped with bacon, ham, cheese, and a fried egg) at El Chivito de Oro in Queens. Yeah, that's right. Sometimes I have my meals in Queens. Thanks, Cheryl.

Thursday night I went with Rebekah to see "The Drowsy Chaperone." It was great.

After the show we went up to the View, the rotating lounge on top of the Marriott Marquis (no, I didn't learn my lesson last time)

(this is looking up along the central column of the hotel at the descending elevators)

I get a few ginger ales in me and I start acting like a real jerk.

Friday: Friday night I took a really long walk. Basically, I walked from my apartment down to the World Trade Center site. Along the way I came aross this guy ...

And this advice...

Saturday: Passing through Washington Square Park I saw the park's famous Black Squirrel.

And they were have a weener dog festival.

Look at this fellow . . .

Dressed up as a Lobster!

Saturday night Keila (from my NH trip) threw a spectacular Mexican fiesta with magnificent tinga, mole, and taquitos. I ate plate after plate of food and basically took just two pictures:

Emily and Natalie

Ashley and Kim

And that, my dear readers, was last week.


Tannerama said...

Wait... Will Smith is in I am Legend? LAME!

Anonymous said...

Even though that "Chivito de Oro" meal looks like a heart attack on a plate I'm fighting a major craving now...thanks.

bek said...

you know i could kill u for that picture! i'm already plotting my revenge...

Brig said...

Kill me for it? I'd give it to you for free!