Monday, January 31, 2011

Best Let's Get Caught Up

Let's look at some Canon pictures and talk about some stuff that happened in January.

Well, two weeks ago it snowed big again.

Everyone was walking up my sledding hill, no one was riding down.

Buddy Scott from college came town to interview for some medical residencies.  Aside from seeing some classy jazz, we did stuff like split a 20 piece McNugget ($5!!)

Or share my Sunday night tradition of eating depressing frozen pizza.  Don't feel sad for me, I like traditions.

There was this one day where I wound up in the East Village and treated myself to a bowl of Momofuku's spicy chicken ramen.  Wish it had more chicken.  Liked the kale.

I'd give a cat a cupcake.  Wish I hadn't missed the show, though.

One time I rode the bus with roommate Spence.

I have been cooking from this seasonal cookbook by Mark Bittman.  This is the first thing I made: an egg salad and seared prosciutto sandwich.  I'd never made egg salad or even bought myself prosciutto before.

Liked it so much I've made it three times now.  Something I have learned from this book is that the egg is a very winter food.

 It snowed real heavy again last week.  Sheesh, weather.  Go easy on us!

The polar bears are sleeping.  Shhhh.  Sleepy polar bears.

I had CLE (Continuing Legal Education) in midtown last week so I got to have some exciting midtown lunches.  Like bulgogi beef from Korean Pro.

And tonkatso ramen at Men Kui Tei, where I had eaten before just 7 years earlier.  What I can say about this ramen is the slices of roast pork were amazing, but it only came with two.  If I had had a chance to read the whole menu before I had to order I would have gotten the ramen that came with seven slices of pork.

Okay, does the name Naomi ring a bell?  How about "Naomi from Australia?"  No?  Are you sure?  Well, anyway, Naomi the Australian's sister Hollie was in New York with her man Ramon so I took them to the Burger Joint.

If you've been to the Burger Joint then perhaps you have put together that they are admiring all the celebrity signatures on the wall in this photo.

Walking up to the 5th Avenue Apple Store we passed Louis Vuitton where they have all these animals made out of bags.  I liked them.

Did you know there's a viking hall at the Plaza Hotel?

Palm Court.  Yawn.  Whatever.

Hudson Hotel.

After my last day of CLE I slipped over to the MoMA to see what was good.

An audience in search of a performance artist.

Lots of Abstract Expressionism going on there right now.

This is not abstract expressionism.  No, this is a silly tiger.

Heading from the MoMA back to my apartment.

Back to the apartment.

Finally, there is a new cake ball at the Milk Bar.  It is called the Pretzel Cake Cake Ball.  I may or may not have been the first customer to buy them from the East Village MLK bar.

I am still trying to figure out what it is they taste like . . . lately I've been thinking: Graham crackers and milk?  No, that can't be right.  But don't worry, they're delicious.  But not more delicious than the apple balls.  Also: These balls bumped the banana cake balls of the menu.  Sorry.

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I could really go for an apple cake ball right about now.