Monday, January 17, 2011

Best And This Is Some After Christmas Stuff

When I got back to New York I discovered it had snowed while I was gone.  But I don't really mean "discovered", I totally knew it had snowed.  It was big news.

Which made filming the Indian movie a little harder, considering there hadn't been snow in any of the previous shots.

I New Years Eve'd at JB's house.  Barely photographed at all.

This is me that night, I stole this picture from Carol.
Further neighborhood snow investigations

Found your gloves.

On New Years Day I went to the Noodle Bar.

For cauliflower with golden raisins in brown butter.

Brussels Sprouts with bacon, apple, and bonito--that means fish flakes, and they're all wiggly when they arrive.

The roasted potatoes with poached egg are tossed in kimchi now.

A nice beet, tangerine and buttermilk salad.

All the different tamales

And, oh yeah, the fried chicken.  My sixth time!  Can you believe it?

I brought friends.

Spencer brought family.

Too pretty too eat.  No, actually, too pretty not to eat.

Remnants.  I can't believe someone threw out all that skin.

And, say, why don't we finish the evening off with some Apple Cake Balls?

Since being home I cooked a very nice Cannellini and Escarole soup.

And participated in the Sunday afternoon crockpotting of some cowboy stew

And breadmachining of some nice stew bread.

A hearty dinner for a cold, dark month.

Just eatin', nothing much to see here.

And that's the general spirit of January: Hearty meals, cold weather, amigos.  And that's what you'll be seeing more of soon.

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Side of Jeffrey said...

That snow has probably already made for some black puddles that LOOK like concrete...but its not. Its a puddle you step in up to your ankles.