Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Best of 2005

I would probably never go to Coachella and I'd definitely never go to Coachella for all three days.

But Death From Above 1979 is getting back together for the Sunday night show?  That's some news right there.  I hope they'll play more shows that summer, I almost saw them on my birthday in 2005.  It was a tough decision not to.

Also hot on Sunday: Leftfield, Best Coast, Lightning Bolt, HEALTH, Twin Shadow, High Contrast and Rye Rye.

Choose the Right, though.

Also: Where's Pulp?  They're reuniting this summer and not going to Indio?

And there's a band or two playing Brochella that I wouldn't mind seeing, either. 


Collin Mapp said...

Yep. There they are. Insane Clown Posse. I want to see them too.

Brigham said...

I say Brochella organizers messed up bad by not having ICP headline the 27th.

Side of Jeffrey said...

And Candlebox. I haven't heard or seen them for a million years!

Brigham said...

Candlebox. I thought I heard they got left Far Behind.