Friday, August 07, 2009

Best This Was Last Saturday, Yo

Please click the pictures, they will look better. I promise.

Last Saturday. That's when these pictures happened. First off, some snaps from after work. These are the cranes that I wrote about yesterday. Basically they're my Wilson.

At Madison Square park there is a solar-powered wireless flower internet situation happening courtesy of Prius.

Thank you, Hybrid cars, for giving us all this.

The big excitement Saturday was the free M Ward concert in the park. Everyone was going. Don't let these pictures deceive you, there were a lot more people there than I show.

Concert time started with an UWS Shake Shack meetup. It's Reghan.

It's Mark.

It's Reghan again.

Now it's also Jess and Carol and we're walking through the park to Summerstage.

Spontaneous kick meets the instantaneous click.

I was inside Summerstage for some of the opening acts but slid out to meet up with Grace. So glad she came back from vacation.

There was tango in the park,

there was a house jam in the park.

People gettin down, that's all.

Hey! It's Naomi. From Australia. Remember her?

Lexia and Adam.

I don't know about your country, but here in 'Merica we have Slurpees.

Among the Not Pictureds: Jeff, Jared, Chris, Lars, Di, Steven, Amber, Hillary, etc., etc.

(To Be Inserted Here: A picture showing that the night ended at the original Shake Shack. What symmetry!)

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