Thursday, July 08, 2010

Best and Now I Do Not Complain

Probably because of a lot of her recent antics and press and press about her press, I hadn't been very interested in M.I.A.'s new record (streaming now on her MySpace) and hadn't paid much mind to any of the record's pre-released tracks or videos (started some of both, finished none, actually) but . . .


This is a Record! My first listen had me gripping my socks to keep them on, my second had me feeling a bit more reasonable about it. But I'm not afraid to say it's definitely her best album, cohesive and strong all the way through and sonically, quite rowdy, just what I want to hear. Dubstep DJ Rusko lends loads of wobble to tracks like Steppin' Up and Story to Be Told and what's this? I believe I detect hints of gabberhouse in Feds & Meds? The 90s are back, I suppose. And if you're looking for a Paper Planes follow up, may I suggest you turn to Tell Me Why.

Put simply: This record makes me want to get a Zip car so I can cruise and blow out the speakers. I already feel weird for liking it so much yesterday, it's like the backlash is already bubbling up inside me. But her show on Governor's Island, if you're going, that should be a wonderful warzone, tell me about it after you get back.

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Side of Jeffrey said...

As we discussed yesterday, I am so excited for this Tuesday so I can buy the album, put it in Yari, and have the best hour commute ever.