Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Best And While I'm Complaining . . .

1. Your hat. It looks stupid.

2. So it is the fashion now to wear multiple watches on a wrist? Okay. But if you're wearing three wristwaches you definitely have no excuse for being 25 minutes late to dinner.

3. I want to say this again: That Knight and Day movie was so dumb. The trailer tricked me! If you're on an island that's "off the grid" and in the middle of nowhere, shouldn't that mean you don't get cellphone service? Shouldn't it?


Side of Jeffrey said...

Here are some other dumb parts:

- How lame was it that every time there was potential for good action they would just have her get drugged so the film makers didn't have to come up with a realistic way of getting them out of the situation?
- The scene in the house of his parents kind of made me barf from cheese.
- Um, yeah...she just walks in and takes him from the hospital and drives away in the same car to Latin America and no one knows how to follow. WTfreak? Give us some credit.
- Did you notice that sometimes she would try to throw down a little Boston accent? Where was her coach on that one?

I could go on and on. Fortunately, I shut off my mind and just tried to get as much enjoyment out as possible. It worked okay.

Brigham said...

I tried switching my brain off, but every time I did something really dumb would hit the switch back up again.

Side of Jeffrey said...

Can I add some more? The running of the bulls thing doesn't happen in happens in northern spain I believe. Also, come on...IN THE BULL FIGHTING ARENA? I've been there (as have you) and there is no way you would go in a door and then suddenely just be in the arena.