Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Best a Few Things About the Last Few Days

1. Bryant was in town last week on business. This has been mentioned previously on the photo supplement blog, but I wanted to mention it here. It was great to have good old Bryant around, such an excellent dude. We went to NYU together and he and Candace moved to California after graduation. We went to a party Saturday night with lots of old NY friends there and so many of them had never met Bryant . . . this was another one of those moments I've been having so often lately where I realize I've been in New York a long time now, that is, if my old NY friends never met Bryant, it's like my New York history has at least two levels of strata. Lots to excavate.

2. And doesn't it seem like I've been going to the Ssam Bar forever? Yet I had never been with Bryant, who I took there . . . in fact, I didn't start going to the Ssam Bar until a couple years after Bryant moved away. Agh! Where does the time go? Anyway, on this visit we explored (among other things) some of the more, err, "challenging"(?) items on the menu.

Sweet and Sour Pig Ears:

Chanterelles with Pickled Quail Eggs and Bone Marrow:

Bone Marrow, kind of popular but I had never had it before. Turns out it's another intense instance of meat butter. And the little pig ears were fine, once you get used to the very ear-like texture.

3. Now I wish I had a picture for this: Saturday night I saw the Craziest Thing I've Ever Seen in New York, which was: A woman taking a seat on the subway behind one of the poles. Listen. You know how the benches will be split by a pole in the middle, and generally, the normal thing is that this pole operates as a people divider? This lady wouldn't have it. She sat down, swung her leg around the pole, and made a seat where there had not been a seat before. In my just about seven years here I have never, ever seen anything so crazy.

4. You know what part of Inception I was just sure was a dream, even though it was supposed to be in reality? When Leo is getting chased and squeezes between those two tight buildings and then the Business Man rolls up out of nowhere to rescue him. This, I thought to myself, Must be a dream. So maybe it was?

But hey, I promised I wouldn't get into that kind of stuff.

Okay, have a good day. Please visit the photo supplement if you haven't lately/already.

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