Thursday, July 29, 2010

Best Here's Just Some Stuff

Last Wednesday or Tuesday I was in the village and walked down Barrow street, a street that I don't know I've ever walked down before. There are some very nice single family townhouses along that street.

I found this one especially impressive . . .

From the street I could make out that there were balconies and stuff inside, decorated with African art. See? Look close. I was awful curious about this building, so I googled its address (42 Barrow), and learned that it belonged to Gisele Bundchen . . . belonged as in she just sold it for $13 million after buying it for 5 point something million in 2005. So there you go.

Then, as I approached 6th Avenue, who should I see seated on a bench just across the street but Keanu Reeves. How did I know it was him? How did I recognize him from such a distance? Because he looked EXACTLY like he does in this, the "famous" Sad Keanu picture from the internet. I am not kidding!
After I crossed the street I had a burger at Jane (it's not like that happened out of nowhere, I was on my way to Jane) because my roommate Nate had recommended this burger so highly to me. I found it to be a fine restaurant-style burger, but the restaurant had a poor concept of what "medium" should be.

Cher was able to talk them into making her very elegant cheese fries, though. That's really the only kind of fry she likes to have.

Moving along to absolutely Micellaneous Stuff:

New neighbors just moved in across the hall, they had some nice vintage Allied moving boxes.

Look at this bug! It was in my room the other night, minding its own business.

My laundry, it makes a nice bouquet.

Don't worry, ladies. Your Segway will be fine. I'll keep an eye on it.

And file this under I Ate it So You Don't Have To: Lunch Monday afternoon? Chef Boyardee Ravioli. How is it? Exactly the same as in Junior High. It took my tastebuds on a nostalgic voyage back in time to memories barely edible. As you may remember, it's got a killer aftertaste, a killer aftertaste that hits you before you've even taken your first bite.

To me, the most curious thing about Chef Boyardee Ravioli? The pieces of "beef" floating around in the sauce, free from the confines of ravioli that might never have been their home anyway.

And Hey, take a look at THIS:

I'll give you a week to put your head around that. (But a little help here: is that a wolverine or just a badger?)

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