Thursday, July 15, 2010

Best Did My Mom Make a Good Joke?

Obviously I could just email home about this . . . but why do that when a blog post could be made?

Okay, you know this double rainbow youtube that everyone is cracking up over? I was way late learning about it.

In fact, I saw this video first and thought it was really funny and didn't even realize it was a spoof (and now that I know it's a spoof I find it even funnier)

BUT on July 4th, before I knew about the Double Rainbow Youtube, I got this email (and photo) from my Mom:

We wandered over to Mann School killing time until the fireworks (we'll go to the high school) and saw this rainbow. wow, looks kind of like a double rainbow.

SO, was my Mom making an internet joke that I wasn't even ready for OR did internet lightning just strike twice? Discuss!


Morgan said...

I vote for internet joke. I like the ending of that story better.

Bek said...

your mom is hipper than you.