Saturday, July 17, 2010

Best This Is What I Have to Say About Inception

It has to do with the end of the movie, the very end, so I put my What I Have to Say in the comments.

So as to not spoil.

But now it's not like you didn't see it coming, I mean come on.

Perhaps that was a spoiler itself?


Brigham said...

You know what? I refuse to spend my life wondering if the top falls over or not. I walked out of the theater and I'm leaving it behind me.

OR I walked out of the theater, I blogged that, and I left it behind me.

Cheap trick, Mr. Nolan.

I still dare you to put Robin in your next Batman movie.

M said...

i agree...totally saw it coming. then again, i kinda think it was the perfect way to end it. but then again, i kinda think the answer is obvious...

Tannerama said...

You saw what coming? It was totally open ended. Perfectly edited. With the cut happening at just the right moment. It was a way to include the viewer in completing the movie. You like happy endings? You get a happy ending. You like weird/sad/bleak endings? It can be that too.

The ending was not the point of the movie.

Also, Brigham, don't be a hater. You're starting to become that guy that from NY Press that has to be the guy that doesn't like a universally regarded as great movie.

Brigham said...

It's not hating, I knew I was getting set up for a mysterious, twisty ending and I am not going to give that movie the satisfaction of me wondering and discussing whether or not the top fell over. I'm taking back my life. That's what I saw coming: some issue of "Wait! Was it all a dream? Or is Leo still dreaming?" (for a moment I was afraid his wife was going to meet him at the airport) So my stance is not as solid as M's, I'm not even willing to say if the answer is obvious or not.

(Because there is no answer.)

But I didn't just say that! Because saying something like that would addressing the top falling over or not and I am not gonna do that!

Anyway, I'm going to be seeing that movie again because I've got a mental notepad of things I didn't quite catch the first time. Like: Businessman saw Leo's top in real life, didn't he? And Who Was Dreaming each time? And What was the Architect for if she wasn't even going to come on the plane in the first place? etc., etc. OH! And wouldn't the Scarecrow notice he was in first class with his dad's biggest competitor?

Cindy said...

I just had a hard time not thinking, "I wish Cillian Murphy was my boyfriend" the whole time.