Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Best This Was Halloween: the Party

After finishing our trip up 6th Avenue as parade-walkers, we headed up to the 87th Street Stake Center for the annual Halloween party. This one seemed to be a regional, not stake, activity and it was PACKED. Definitely more than 400 people in a much-smaller-than-usual cultural hall with very little hallspace for the non-dancers to linger in. Also, the DJ was quite serious...a certifiable dance club quality professional (but I won't comment here on the quality of the dance club).

Collin changed into his standards-appropriate costume at the subway station.

Up at the party Lexia was finally living her dream of being a Robert Palmer girl for Halloween.

Ellie the geisha.

The Jacinta, Hillary, Grace party posse rolled in blind mouse style.

Art was there taking pictures (he's my hometeacher)

Gossip Girls and a Tinkerbell

Brenda, Lyndee, some dude, and Ashley-->Gilligan's Island

Jamar was Flava Flav.

Two identical Marty McFl(ies). A total coincidence.

Duane was a Joe the Plumber.

Reghan was a Palmer-girl that showed up a little late.

Marissa, a cat. I heard she did the makeup herself. And earlier in the day she had been In a Hat.

Lisa and Ali, they insisted they weren't wearing costumes. I only believed Lisa.

Holly as Scout Leader. The last time I saw a shirt like that, Grandma Taylor was wearing it.

Bryndee was a hippie and I didn't recognize her at all.

Having danced enough, we hopped on a bus and headed for one more party over at Abby's on the west side.

On our way we ran into Stephanie and Kirstin.

At the party, Steve had a bird on his head.

Kristian was not himself.

Maria (from Chicago) was's that for a throwback costume?

Spotted Holly again.

Our hostess with the goodies.

Jess, also a hostess.

Out on the street, this dude abided.

And I found a parking meter in need of some straight-talking, tough-love inspiration-yelling. Also, I realized this was what I should have been doing all day: inspiring things to suck it up and be men.

And that was Halloween.

Addendum--Stake Halloween Parties Through the Years:
2005 (lots of dead photo links here for some terrible reason)


Bek said...

halloween in new york really is the best. what the heck were you?

Ashley said...

Yay Halloween! FYI "some dude" also goes by John. :)

Loved your Friday Night Lights costume!