Thursday, November 06, 2008

Second Best Way to Celebrate Your Thanksgiving

First Best: With your whole family in San Marino, reunited for the first time in a couple years, quite possibly at everyone's favorite Chinese restaurant.

Second Best: Momofuku bo ssam thanksgiving featuring roasted pork shoulder (that's the bo ssam), apple stuffing, fried brussels sprouts, sweet potato puree, kewpie coleslaw (not on the normal menu anymore so this is your chance), and a cashew blondie pie. $285.

This would be so sweet.

For people without families.


Kristen said...

Maybe you could dry ice pack it and bring it to San Marino?

Lexia said...

That's $35.63 per person. I'm sure you could find 7 people to go in on it with you...Wait, are you going home for Thanksgiving?

Brig said...

Well, not home but meeting everyone in San Marino. That's what my "First Best" item was meant to imply.