Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Best Thing or Two I've Got to Say About the New Kanye

1) I've always had a difficult time reconciling the Kanye West's noxious media personality with his lyrics and song-themes which offer so much more than any other rapper out there. How can so much introspection come from such a seemingly vain and deluded individual?
2) The record is called 808s & Heartbreak and the record is heartbreak songs over 808 beats (that's a kind of drum machine). Great job naming this record. Songs are very solid, very good...and at the very moment that I thought "these are all starting to sound a lot a like each other" they stopped sounding like each other (for a bit, then went back to being similar.)
3) Good job ditching the college theme of the last three records, good job showing he can go in new directions without losing us.
4) Is it me, or are there no swears on this record?
5) And finally, vocoders are the new turntables. You cannot argue with me about this.


Bek said...

i love kanye. he and i made out in 8th grade. he was good even back then.

Brig said...

if you try to listen to this song a second time you'll find that you can barely stand it.