Saturday, November 08, 2008

Best Dance Party Worthy of Mordor...(the Telling of the Tale )

Last Saturday night was Emily's big party, the one where I was in charge of the music. May I humbly state that the party was completely off the hook and a hundred times the success I could have ever hoped it would be. Collin Cobrasnaked the party real good, observe:

(that's me in the grim reaper bandanna)

Something that doesn't exactly come across in all of these pictures was that the room was dark and Emily had invested in a bunch of blacklights--good for when the dress code is black and white, even better if the dress code had been fluorescent colors-only.

There was a lot of mingling out on Emily's patio, mingling that I was not involved with at all because I was working that night. But looking at these pictures of Collin's from the patio I see that there were a lot of people at the party that I didn't know were there.

It's good to have someone at the party that appreciates how difficult it is to make the split-second decision between "Blue Monday" or "Bizarre Love Triangle." (Went with Blue Monday, but almost Bizarre Love Triangle because Blue Monday is the one that people always go with and BLT is at least 84% as good)

Sometimes it was good to just sit back and take the party in for a bit.

Aw snap! Here comes the party posse! This was the night I learned that Grace is a non-stop roof-raising machine.

Do you know what song is playing in this picture? "Little Honda" by the Beach Boys. For real. I played it right after "I Want to Hold Your Hand." Truly.

This is what it looks like when I'm hard at work.

Reyn showed up and I found that extremely validating. He's an LA dancefloor legend.

Next time we talk about this party I'll be posting my annotated setlist.


wandy said...

great photos President

Side of Jeffrey said...

Emily always throws the most attended and raddest parties out.

Abby Rose said...

It was a wonderful party. Thank you for being the awesome DJ.

Grant said...

What's up Double B? I saw your set list and it blew my mind. Congratulations on being a lawyer. I'm proud of you.